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We are a locally-owned and operated tree service business that specializes in tree removal and tree maintenance. We take pride in our more than a decade of substantial experience in the field, which somehow proves our capabilities and integrity in the business. We started as a small company with only a chainsaw and a truck, and now we are proud to say that we are fully-equipped with regular employees. Our business was founded with the mission to provide the best quality tree care for a reasonable price to every resident in the local area.  We are the tree service Independence MO homeowners call when they need quality yet affordable tree care. 

About Independence Tree Service

We are the top-rated Independence tree service company in the local area that you can rely on for all your tree care needs. More than anything else, we put your satisfaction on top of our priorities. Our customer service is second to none, and we continue to improve every day to ensure we provide high-quality service to our beloved clients. We are licensed, insured, and bonded to prove our professionalism in our work. Call us now and find out more about our wide selection of tree services.

Tree Service Independence MO Trusts

We want to call ourselves a customer service business that specializes in tree service. Our team focuses on client care because we know this is our edge among our competitors. We want to offer both satisfaction and happiness to all our customers which is why we keep improving our skills and invest in state-of-the-art equipment. We will make sure to return your call as soon as we get it so that we can attend to your concern right away. We will come on time on the scheduled day of the tree service and finish according to the plan. After we’re done with the tree service, we take care of the debris and wood chips in the area and make it look like nothing happened. 

Another reason why property owners go to us for their tree care demands is that we have all equipment needed to complete a job, which means we get the project done efficiently, in a fraction of time. Our Morbark grinders, Stihl chainsaws, and well-maintained trucks are proof that we are serious about bringing only excellent tree care. 

Close up picture of climbing equipment in Independence, MO No matter the size of the tree that needs to be trimmed or removed, our tree experts can handle it thanks to our top-of-the-line tools. However, if you prefer us not to use our heavy equipment because it will damage your lawn, we can still complete the task by using safety climbing harnesses. Rest assured that regardless of the technique and equipment we use, the result will be beyond impressive. 


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    We know for a fact that our clients have many options when it comes to tree companies in the local area, including “companies” going door-to-door asking you to work with them. However, be careful of these “companies” because most, if not all of them are not legit businesses or don’t have licenses and insurance. They will put you at risk of legal and financial responsibility, in case something goes wrong while they work in your yard. They also don’t provide their employees with worker’s compensation which makes things even worse. Work only with qualified, trusted, and credible tree companies, like Independence Tree Service. We are complete with a license, insurance, and bond to keep you from any financial and legal complications. We will be glad to provide you with proof of our credentials together with the written estimate. Steer clear from companies that hesitate to give you these requirements. 

    We cater to both residential and commercial and development properties. With our skills and complete set of equipment, no task is too difficult for us to handle. 

    Here are summaries of the tree services we offer. You can learn more about them in the Services menu on top of this page.

    Closeup picture of our grounds worker cutting a tree with a chainsaw in Independence, MO
    Close up picture of a tree climber cutting down a tree with a chainsaw in Independence, MO
    Picture of our stump grinder being used to remove a stump in Independence, MO

    Tree Removal Independence MO Service

    While tree removal is a difficult decision to make for many homeowners, it is crucial to do it right and to do it at the right time. There are several reasons for tree removal, which includes damage, illness, or a potential threat to human safety. When a storm hits, trees are typically the first ones that get affected. They can get storm-damaged that results in decay and eventually die. Damaged or dying trees are not only hazardous, but they also take away from the beautiful appearance of your yard. Compromised trees should be eliminated before things get out of hands. 

    Tree removal is not rocket science, but it does entail careful planning and meticulous execution to get positive results. We have the skills and expertise required to take on any tree removal project you have for us. We can remove the hazardous tree in your yard in a safe and efficient way, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We will send one of our professional representatives to make a thorough inspection of the tree and provide a detailed estimate of the removal service. 

    We can help you decide on the day and time of the tree removal and make sure to finish the job when it is most convenient for you. Our tree removal offering includes fully falling the tree, cleaning up the wood, and chipping the wood in which you can use a natural mulch. We will take care of the cleanup process in the area and make sure no debris is left on the site. Our team will make it look like we were never there and keep everything in order before we go.  Call the tree removal Independence MO property owners trust. 

    Tree Trimming Independence MO Service

    Try to look around whenever you drive around the city and notice the trees in the area. You will realize that most trees need a good trimming or at least, pruning. Trees with overgrown limbs or dead branches are a problem not just for your safety, but also for the overall value of your property. Trees will benefit a lot from professional trimming. It can enhance the look and the health of the tree in significant ways, which is why homeowners shouldn’t neglect this part of tree maintenance. We have mastered both the art and science of tree trimming, so you can rely on us to bring back the health and aesthetic appeal of the trees in your landscape. 

    We consider the following objectives whenever we perform tree trimming: 

    • To eliminate sick, damaged, and hazardous limbs and branches
    • To enhance the overall proportion and structure of the tree by correcting overgrown branches
    • To take advantage of the trimming process and assess the overall health of the tree, concerning unwanted bugs, illnesses, and damages

    Our tree trimming service uses almost the same method as our tree removal. We will set an appointment when our representative can go to your property to evaluate the tree to be trimmed. Then, we will offer you with a verbal estimate followed shortly by a written quote, along with our license and insurance documentation. We can then set a schedule that fits your preference. We will be there on time on the day of the trimming service and finish as scheduled. As we always do, we will keep everything clean, and in order from start to finish. We will only leave your property once you tell us you are satisfied with our work.

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    Stump Removal Service

    You will most likely deal with a stubborn stump after a tree has been removed. We use two effective methods in eliminating a stump: grinding the stump with our grinder or digging out the stump completely. Stumps should be removed for several reasons. They don’t only make your landscape look unkempt, but also cause a hazard for everyone walking around. Not to mention, they attract a multitude of insects and pests that affect other trees and invade your house. Using our top-rated equipment, we will carefully and swiftly grind the stump until it’s nowhere in sight. No matter the size or age of the stump, We can get rid of its sight in a matter of hours.

    Stump Grinding Service

    Like our trimming and tree removal services, we will ask one of our tree experts to come to your residence and carefully evaluate the stump that needs to be removed. We will consider the size, age, and location of the stump when determining the overall cost of the stump removal service. We will supply you with a verbal quote followed by a written quote sent via email. We will also include our licensing and insurance proof along with the written quote. 

    Stump grinding is not a very difficult task, but it can be a messy job. We make every effort necessary to make the job look seamless and effortless. We will put tarps around the area and clear the site where the stump is located. We will assure you of zero damage in your landscape while we’re on the job. Once we are done, you have the option to keep the wood chips as a natural mulch, or you can opt for us to haul them away. 

    Eliminating a stump entails the use of an excavator to unearth the stump and its root system. Complete stump removal is mostly used in the development and commercial properties where future construction may take place. Homeowners’ go-to stump remove method is stump grinding because it causes little to no damage to the surrounding area. Nevertheless, we will make sure that no matter the method you choose to use, the annoying stump in your land will be completely forgotten once we are done.


    Emergency Storm Damage

    Picture of a tree that has fallen down on a truck in Independence, MOStorm, ice, and other hard weather are trees’ dreaded enemies. These natural elements can cause substantial damage to a tree’s health and cause it to die or fall. When a tree faces the same situation as this, don’t try to clean up or remove the affected tree because it is too risky. You can be exposed to life-threatening situations, especially if it involves power lines. 

    Independence Tree Service is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies like these. We are typically the first ones to respond in situations like these because we understand the urgency of the matter. We will eliminate all hazardous circumstances and get started with emergency tree removal as soon as everything is cleared. We have qualified and expert tree technicians who have been offering fast and reliable emergency services for over a decade. There may be a need for us to utilize our heavy equipment to get things done quickly. Rest assured we have a well- trained crew who can operate this equipment expertly. 

    Without a doubt, tree storm damage is one overwhelming and challenging situation to be in. It can create hazardous circumstances and put you and your property in danger. For this reason, it is crucial to get immediate help from professional tree service to clear the area of any dangerous limbs or fallen tree so you can go back to your normal life at once.  Call the tree service Independence, MO property owners rely on for emergency storm damage clean up. 

    Lot Clearing & Firewood

    Not all tree companies offer lot clearing services simply because not all are capable of taking on a large-scale project such as this. We are one of the few local businesses that can deliver this service. Whether you have several trees in your backyard or your commercial or development property, we can help you rid of the trees swiftly and safely. We own the right equipment needed to finish extensive jobs like this. All our crew members are trained for this kind of job, and we are confident to bring you impressive results. 

    Lot Clearing Services

    We can handle both small scale backyard projects and large-scale commercial lands. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skills combined to make it easy for us to eliminate several trees in a matter of hours. Further, we offer our lot clearing services for a price our customers can afford. Don’t hesitate to call us for all your lot clearing needs. 

    We have several seasoned firewood for sale. Our hardwoods are all ideal for burning, which is perfect for the colder seasons. We can deliver the firewood right in front of your doorsteps, or you can pick them up to save on the delivery cost.


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