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There is no doubt that trees are a wonderful part of the environment, but there are times when they become subject to nature’s wrath. When storms hit, trees grow susceptible to damage which can lead to their complete decline. Broken branches and limbs can easily fall anytime and hurt anyone in the area. When it comes to emergencies like these, Independence Tree Service will be the first to respond to your urgent needs. It is highly dangerous to tackle cleanup and tree removal after a storm, especially if there are power lines involved. Independence Tree Service is always available to cater to your emergency tree service needs. 

While natural occurrences cannot be helped, we can prevent the adverse effects they can bring upon our trees. Get an appointment with Independence Tree Service, and we will inspect every tree in your yard and make sure they are in good shape and health condition. We will identify branches, limbs, and trunks that can cause a potential threat to you and your property. With proper avoidance measures, we can keep your tree from causing trouble before, while, or after a storm.

Emergency Tree Storm Damage Service You Can Trust

When you are faced with a tree emergency, feel free to contact us, and we will be there as fast as we can. Our emergency tree service is the go-to service of many residents in the local area. We offer fast and affordable emergency response to help you bring back the former glory of your property. We are ready to respond to your concern, no matter the time of the day.

We will employ our specialized storm damage protocol the moment we receive your call: 

  • One of our expert representatives will go to your property as soon as we receive your call and assess the extent of the damage and begin the estimation process right away. 
  • We will provide you a verbal estimate of the service to be done, followed shortly by a written price estimate sent via email. 
  • Once you give us the green light, we will immediately deploy our crew to your property to get things started. 
  • Once in the area, we will identify every hazardous situation present and eliminate it. We will get rid of fallen limbs, debris, and uprooted trees. We will also contact other utility services to take care of non-tree related issues in your property. 
  • When we are sure of the safety in the site, we will immediately kickstart our cleanup efforts. We will clear the area from limbs, uprooted trees, and other tree-related debris. 
  • Rest assured that everything will be clean and back to normal the moment our cleanup process concludes. Your yard will look as if it was never affected by the recent storm. 

Don’t settle for anything less than the best emergency tree service in the local area. Call Independence Tree Service whenever you need an urgent tree service response. We are well-equipped, licensed, and insured.


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