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Stump Grinding or Removal?

Independence Tree Service handles stump removal using two effective methods: grinding them close to the ground and digging them out the ground together with the root structure. If you choose to have the stump ground, we will bring our top-of-the-line grinders to get rid of the appearance of the stump. On the other hand, complete stump removal entails the use of a medium-sized backhoe to unearth the stump our of the ground. Most of our residential customers choose the first option because it is less damaging to the surrounding area compared to the latter. 

Stump grinding is an effective method to remove the appearance of the stump while keeping the area free from damage. It is also a more cost-effective technique which is why 80% of our customers choose stump grinding to eliminate the annoying stump in their yard. 

Every individual stump has its own characteristics which is why they also differ when it comes to the difficulty in removing them. The difficulty level of stump removal greatly depends on factors including, the age and the species of the stump. Newer hardwoods from Oak and Maple species are the most challenging to remove, while Pines and Cedars are easiest to grind. Newer stumps are more resistant to grinding, which is why they are more challenging to remove. Of course, the size of the stump can affect the difficulty level because larger stumps take more time and effort to remove.

How We Grind a Tree Stump

We use the following procedures when performing stump grinding for all age, size, and species: 

  • Our crew will clear the area of small rocks, twigs, and other dirt using a shovel and rake. 
  • If the stump has not been reduced to a height ideal for grinding, we will utilize our power chainsaw to cut the upper portion of the stump for a more convenient stump grinding process.
  • At this point, we will already bring the stump in and place it over the stump, approximately 2 to 4 inches above the stump. Then, we will begin the grinding process. 
  • Our grinder will move side to side above the stump until we have the stump down beneath the ground. 
  • Once we are done with grinding the stump, we will make sure to clean the entire site of wood chips and other dirt, produced by stump grinding. You can use the wood chips as mulch in your garden, or we can haul them away. If you want, we can replant the area above the stump with grass or sod. 

The entire process of stump removal typically lasts for two to three hours, depending on the unique features of the stump. It is always a messy task to grind a stump, but our tree service goes beyond the usual to provide high-quality stump removal service to our customers. We will get rid of the stump while keeping the area clean from any mess produced by grinding. You can avail of our multiple stump discounts if you have several stumps you want to remove.


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