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Tree Removal

We are known for our premier tree removal service. Our customers go to us for safe and efficient tree removal in their properties. This service is definitely one of the most complicated jobs we do. While it is not overly difficult to remove a tree, the process entails skills and equipment to ensure high-quality results. For over a decade, we have seen trees of all shapes and sizes. We are confident that we can eliminate the tree in your yard, no matter the situation and its condition is. 

The process of tree removal commences with an on-site evaluation of the tree to be taken down. We will consider the size of the tree and its health condition to determine what equipment we should use to complete the job. But, if you rather opt for us to climb the tree, we can also do so. Our expert representative will offer you a verbal quote followed by a written one sent through our email. The service quote will include detailed information about the service as well as our insurance and license proof. We can typically schedule the removal within 3-5 days after your call.

Tree Removal Process

In the morning of the scheduled tree removal, Independence Tree Service will have one of our crew members to call you and confirm our arrival. Allow us a 2-hour window for our arrival because we want to make sure our previous customer is satisfied with our work. 

The team leader will assign specific tasks to every member. Our team usually consists of the lead cutter, ground service crew, chipper, and cleanup personnel. We will systematically cut the tree beginning with the top portion working our way to the main trunk. We will carefully lower each branch to the ground where it will be further reduced into 3-foot portions by our cutters. The process will go on until we only have the trunk to deal with. We basically end the removal process by cutting the main trunk to a height that is suitable for stump grinding. 

After we have removed the tree, you will be left with a stump. You can choose to leave the stump behind, or you can ask us to grind or dug it up. If you choose to grind the stump, we will reduce it until it’s below the ground. We will use our Vermeer grinder to get this job done quickly and efficiently. We can haul the dirt away, or we can stack them anywhere in your property. We will end the tree removal process by making sure the area is clear from all dirt and tree-related debris. Our team will leave once we had made sure your property is as clean as it was when we came. 

Don’t hesitate to call us whenever you need a tree to be eliminated in your yard. We have the equipment, the skills, and the essential credentials to complete every tree removal project you have. Further, call us about tree trimming when you don’t need a tree removed but just re-shaped.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection.


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