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Tree Trimming

We believe that tree trimming should get the same attention from our customers as our tree removal service does. Professionally trimmed trees don’t only look healthy, but also safe to keep in your yard. It improves the overall look of your property and eliminates the risk of falling trees and branches on your roof. Untrimmed trees look unkempt, and they pose a potential threat to you and your family. Most trees would benefit from pruning every 2-4 years.

Every individual tree requires a unique approach in trimming, and we consider this at Independence Tree Service. Some factors to consider when pruning a tree is the age, crown, and growth style. We will also look at the health condition of the tree during the time of trimming to guide us in our next steps. We will let you know about the health of your trees after the process and offer our expert advice. 

You can contest what we are about to say, but we believe that over 80% of landscape trees need a good trimming. Unfortunately, many property owners overlook the importance of tree trimming and neglect the health of their tree altogether. While forest trees can thrive on their own in their natural habitat, landscape trees need intervention from us. Healthy trees don’t happen just like that. You need to give your trees the proper care it needs for it to thrive and survive different natural elements.  Further, regular trimming can help prevent storm-related tree damage

Trimming Trees Correctly

When it comes to tree trimming, we assure you that we follow the strict standards provided by Arbor Day Foundation. The organized and systematic method we use to trim trees is specially designed to deliver high-quality tree trimming service to all our clients. Once we are done with your tree, it will have a restored vibrancy and appeal. 

We will have one of our crew members visit your house to evaluate the tree to be trimmed. We will use that time to determine how much trimming your tree needs and identify damaged, dead, or dying limbs and branches. Our representative will discuss the details of the process with you, including the tools we will use and the cost of the service. During this time, please don’t think twice about telling us your preference and give us your input. We would gladly consider your opinion and let you know if the situation of your tree will allow it. We will then supply you with a free estimate of the service followed by a written service quote which we will send via email. We can help you decide on the schedule that is most convenient for you. Our team usually comprises of a lead cutter and a ground crew. From the beginning up to the end of our tree trimming process, our team will keep the area clear of debris and other dirt. We will complete the task with the utmost care and efficiency. You wouldn’t even realize our team was there because we will leave no trace of our presence.


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